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Retail Stores

Retail Stores

Keen on klean offers a complete Professional Retail stores Cleaning Services, from smallest to the largest executive facilities, all individually tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Keen on klean provides an unsurpassable level of personal care. You will experience the improvement in the appearance of your office right from the start.

Keen on klean, we are committed to detail, continuous research and development of cleaning techniques and competitive rates. Whatever sizes your premises, when it comes to value, quality and responsiveness, you can count on us to exceed your expectations. First impressions matter, further more a clean working environment guarantees optimum productivity.

Keen on klean will provide you with fully trained reliable cleaners, who are supervised regularly and monitored by our managers.

The smallest details make a huge difference to the service we provide, whether it is for reasons of security, health and safety or mere convenience, our systems are designed to ensure that we get it right all the time.

We manage a variety of sites from those requiring one cleaner up to those requiring 15 or many more cleaners.


  1. Offices

  2. Restrooms

  3. Common Areas

  4. Conference Room / Club House

  5. Elevators

  6. Stairwells

  7. Kitchen

The Specifications and the terms as set forth describe the services to be performed, frequency and conditions of the agreement.

Working Tools

Following is a list of the “Working Tools” provided, depending on the type of service rendered.

Wall Brushes Waxes Carpet Sweepers

Squeegees Wax Cleaners Disinfectants

Vacuum Cleaners Wiping Cloths Metal Polish

Chamois Wet Mops Rubber Gloves

Dust Cloths Floor Machines Scouring Powder

Buckets Mop Presses Floor Dressings

Dust Mops Dust Pans Sponges



  1. Serviced Areas

  1. All trash receptacles will be emptied and trash removed to dumpster area.

  1. Dust telephones.

  1. Dust all surfaces of desks, (including behind computers, monitors and their bases, and beneath any movable objects on desks), tables, counters, filing cabinets, and other office equipment.

  1. Wipe clean Conference Room tables and properly arrange chairs.

  1. Wipe clean tables, chairs, sink, counters and exterior of cabinets in Kitchen.

  1. Wipe clean interior and exterior of microwave and exterior of other appliances.

  1. Dust windowsills.

  1. Dust picture frames.

  1. Vacuum carpeting.

  1. Dust baseboards.

  1. Sanitize and polish drinking fountains.

  1. Dust mop all hard surface floors.

  1. Damp mop all hard surface floors, including corners, edges, and under office furniture.

  1. Clean entrance area door glass.

  1. Spot clean partition glass, as needed.

  1. Dust ceiling corners and remove cobwebs.

  1. Clean interior and exterior of elevator cabs.

  1. Police Stairwell for debris and spot mop.


  1. Fill dispensers- towels, tissue and hand soap. Wipe dispenser fronts.

  1. Empty sanitary napkin receptacles, disinfect and re-line from stock.

  1. Empty trash receptacles and wipe, if needed.

  1. Dust sink traps, counters, ledges, tops of partitions, mirrors and air grills.

  1. Sweep tile floor.

  1. Disinfect interior and exterior of toilets, toilet seats and urinals. Polish chrome.

  1. Spot clean toilet partitions.

  1. Clean sinks and polish chrome fittings.

  1. Remove splash marks from walls around sinks.

  1. Clean and polish mirrors.

  1. Wet mop restroom floors with disinfectant, pouring water down drains to eliminate odors.


  1. Serviced Areas

  1. Clean corners and edges of restroom floors.

  1. Spot clean light switches and doorframes.

  1. Disinfect telephones.

  2. Dust vertical and venetian blinds.
  3. High dust HVAC vents and louvers.

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