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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

At Keen On Klean we have numerous ways to effectively clean carpets. One way to clean carpets is through the use of steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction). In order to have an effective steam cleaning, the hot water should be at least 180 degrees when cleaning the carpet. The reason that the water should be at least 180 degrees is because such hot water is the best way to effectively kill fleas (as well as other bugs) and bacteria located in the carpet.

Another method to clean carpets is low moisture carpet cleaning. Low moisture carpet cleaning involves using a dry compound (aka cleaning agent) and mixing it with water and spraying it on the carpet. Then a brush or a rotary floor machine is used to put the cleaning agent into the carpet in order to loosen the dirt and germs; then the brush is used to remove the bacteria and grime.

Another way to clean carpets is by dry cleaning the carpets, which involves putting a dry compound into the carpet so it absorbs the dirt and then the carpet is vacuumed (which removes the dry compound) making the carpet instantly dry and clean.

Since carpets are quite hard to clean, the best way to have your carpet cleaned is by hiring a professional cleaning company. We at Keen On Klean provide excellent and thorough carpet cleaning service. Our staff is trained to handle even the toughest jobs and our carpet cleaning service is guaranteed to make your carpet as clean as possible. Please email or call us for a free estimate so we can prove to you how good our carpet cleaning service is.