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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Keen On Klean has workers professional trained to power wash the outside of your building. By using our hot water pressure washing treatment, we can remove the bacteria, debris, and grime that are gathered up on your driveway and awning.

At Keen On Klean we care about making sure our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly. We make sure that when we are power washing the exterior of your building that we comply with the stringent requirements to ensure that our power washing isn’t releasing germs and toxic chemicals into the environment. Our power washing recaptures and properly disposing all exhausted wash water, which insures that our cleaning and our cleaning agents are safe for the environment.

Power washing is a great way to make sure the outside of your building is free from dust, grease, grime, stains, gum and other dirty and unattractive debris.

If you have mold and algae (as well as the unsightly debris mentioned above) on the concrete, driveway, pathway and awning of your building then contact Keen On Klean for a professional, meticulous and environmentally friendly power washing today.