Construction Clean Up

Construction Clean Up

Work does not end once a commercial construction project is completed. After construction workers have packed up their supplies and equipment, the area requires a thorough cleaning. Disposal of construction material residue and cleaning walls, floors, and windows are some tasks that post-construction commercial cleaning services handle. Workers must take their job seriously because what they do affects the cleanliness and safety of the structure.

Only a company experienced in post construction cleanup should be used. Otherwise, the job may not be completed according to code, which can cause problems. For one, it will be difficult to sell a building that is not cleaned to standards. Hazardous material removal is required during some cleanup jobs and if the proper techniques are not used, the area could be dangerous. Special cleaning products, equipment, and methods are required to make the area healthy and safe for all who enter it.

If windows were kept open during construction, the interior of the building will be filled with dust and debris. The cleaning company must remove this and wipe all cabinets and fixtures. Paint, dirt, and stains must be removed from floors and these areas may need to be varnished or waxed and buffed. The floor should be prepared for the heavy foot traffic it will experience daily. Construction materials like concrete, mud, cement, and even pebbles can get into window sills during the building process. These must be scraped, vacuumed, or dusted away.

Post construction window cleaning often involves pressure washing and hand cleaning. Workers often must climb tall ladders or use scaffolding to make sure windows are clean. Special skills are required to clean these large-scale windows correctly. One wrong move can result in severe injury or even death, making it important for cleaning professionals to take all relevant precautions. If carpet is laid in the building, cleaning workers will vacuum it to remove loose fibers and excess staples or nails left behind by installers. The building may need to be ventilated if carpet is glued down or features protective coatings because fumes are typically emitted. The building should be odor-free and inspected thoroughly before the public is permitted to enter.

Post construction cleanup is a necessary part of the building process. Construction workers are not skilled in these tasks so a professional should be used. Building management should request post construction cleaning references from any cleaning company that bids on the job. Using experienced professionals saves headaches in the long-run.